Time Item Performed by
10:15 Welcome Dance Smoking Ceremony to Welcome to the Country
10:30 Welcome Dance Apsara Dance Troupe
10:40 Traditional Lighting of the Oil Lamp Jayamangala gatha
10:50 Welcome Speeches
11:30 Dance performance Sri Lankan Cultural Ensemble of Australia - Wes Dance
11:40 DJ Rush
11:50 Dance performance Sayuree Dance Moves - Group Performance
12:00 DJ Rush
12:20 Dance performance Sri Lankan Cultural Ensemble of Australia - Drumming/ Orchestra
12:30 Dance performance Baratha Natyam Dance by Sayuree Medawatta
12:40 Singing Performance SDon Sherman with Solid Sri
1:00 Dance performance Tharanga Arts Academy Dance Troupe
1:20 DJ Rush
1:40 Kumar Pereira Cooking Demonstration
2:10 DJ Rush
2:20 Dance performance Tharanga Arts Academy Drum Troupe
2:30 DJ Rush
2:40 Dance performance Angana Dance Troupe
2:50 Singing Performance Hansani & Mayosha with Solid Sri
3:00 Solid Sri
3:20 Singing Performance Malith Perera & Tiya Dance Troupe with Solid Sri
3:40 Solid Sri
3:50 Dance performance Vimithri & Dimithri Silva Baratha Natyam Fusion Dance
4:00 Dance performance Sada Hiru Tharu Academy
4:10 DJ Rush
4:20 Dance performance Bangladeshi Dance- 4th Dimension Production Melbourne
4:30 Dance performance Nepalese dance
4:40 DJ Rush
5:00 Solid Sri
5:30 Fashion Show Holmesglen Institute
6:00 DJ Rush
6:30 Baila Session & Closing Ceremony Solid Sri
7:00 End