Lankan fest 2018 organizers are calling out to all performers who would like a chance to perform at Lankan Fest 2018. We are looking for entertainers who will highlight the cultural diversity and uniqueness of Sri Lanka to perform at Lankan Fest 2018. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to promote your skills and showcase your talent!

Lankan Fest organizers deeply appreciate all the performers who donate their time and effort to take part in the festival. As a token of appreciation, all entertainers will be advertised on the official Lankan Fest website and Facebook page.  Additionally all entertainers will be offered a free half page advertisement in the Lankan Fest souvenir booklet. 

Please fill out the below application form by the 27th of November 2017. 


Lankan Fest 2018- Register Your Interest

Name of the academy/group or the business. This will be the name used for promotional materials.
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I, understand and agree to the below mentioned terms and conditions when appearing at the Lankan Fest as an entertainer. *
1. Entertainer(s) is/are assigned in the Stage area only, unless specified by the LANKAN FEST Coordinators. 2. Performers will be issued an Entertainment Schedule prior to the event. Based upon the needs of the LANKAN FEST, your schedule may be subject to change at any time. 3. LANKAN FEST will have basic facilities to play CD’s and 2 microphones for your use. If you require any additional equipment you will have to bring this yourself. 4. If a performer is unable to keep their scheduled time, the LANKAN FEST Coordinator should be notified 48 hours in advance so other arrangements can be made to fill the vacancy. 5. LANKAN FEST will provide a complimentary snack bag and water. You will also be given a certificate for your participation in the event. 6. Entertainers are asked to dress in traditional and/or appropriate costume maintain a clean and neat appearance during their scheduled performances. 7. LANKAN FEST absolutely will not tolerate anyone who abuses their schedule or engages in any aggressive physical/verbal behaviour. 8. Failure to comply with all any portion of this agreement may result in immediate termination this contract. 9. Without limiting the generality of these terms, the entertainer(s) acknowledges and agrees that LANKAN FEST is not liable for any Claim or Loss suffered or incurred by the entertainer(s) in relation to or in connection with: a. Theft or damage of any personal belongings, equipment or goods under the control of the entertainer(s) or any other property of the entertainer(s) at any time including times when the market is not trading; b. Failure by the entertainer(s) to perform the agreed act/performance; c. Journey from or to Lankan fest; d. Damage or injury to any property or person e. Operations within the Lankan Fest, except for the active negligence of LANKAN FEST Coordinators.